Redeemer Lutheran Church Brook Park Ohio


Sundays at 10 A.M.



Governor DeWine and the CDC have rescinded  restrictions for COVID-19. The CDC recommendations  make clear that businesses will be able to choose for  themselves whether they continue to require masks on  their premises. If a business chooses to require masking  for employees and customers, that is permitted under the  CDC guidelines and Ohio’s order. If a business chooses  not to require masks and leave that choice to customers  and employees, that is also permitted in the CDC  guidelines and Ohio’s order.  

The RLC Council has implemented the following  changes regarding masks. Moving forward we are  asking the following:
• For everyone to wear a mask upon entering and  exiting the church. 
• Once seated, those that have been fully  vaccinated may remove their mask if they so  choose. 
• If you have not been fully vaccinated, please  keep your mask on. 
• If you are walking about in the church, please  wear a mask. 
• We will continue to sit six feet apart, unless  you are with your family. 
• We will continue with the current pew spacings. 
• The collection plate will remain at the entrance on the table. 
• We will not have congregational singing at this  time, but will have solo performances by those  who have been fully vaccinated. 
• We will make no changes to our current  communion practice.  

 Thank you for all your cooperation and understanding  during this time. We will revisit these guidelines in the  fall. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to  reach out to the RLC Council.