Redeemer Lutheran Church ELCA
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Voice of Redeemer Newsletter

Sunday Learning  


 Preschool and Elementary 10:15AM                                                     (except 1st Sun.)

   First Sunday Learning Event 11:15AM


Sunday Worship 10:00AM


Community Meal at Brethren Church
Saturday, February 4, 4-6:00PM


Transfiguration of Our Lord
First Sunday Learning Event
Valentine Cookies
Sunday, February 11, 11:15AM


Ash Wednesday Worship
February 14, 7 PM


Lent Wednesday Soup Suppers
February 21 & 28, 6 PM


Lent Wednesday Worship
February 21 & 28, 7 PM


Server Recognition
Fellowship Sunday
Sunday, February 25, 10AM


RLC Com. Garden Applications Due
February 28


Pick up your March
Voice of Redeemer Newsletter
Sunday, February 25

Voice of Redeemer Going Electronic

Voice of Redeemer Monthly newsletter Delivery

            Save a tree, save some of your offering, and save the USPS the trouble of processing and delivering your Voice of Redeemer (VoR) newsletter at the non-profit fourth class mail rate.  By RLC Council decision, beginning with the July-August 2009 VoR, we are trying the following forms of VoR delivery:

1. You may pick up your VoR from the narthex

    on the last Sunday of the month,

2. receive it as an attachment by private email or          

3. view it at 

Homebound RLC Members, without email access, may request first class mailing of the VoR.

            Save a tree, save some of your offering!  Email your request for the electronic Voice of Redeemer newsletter to  Your email address will not be shared unless you tell the RLC Office to include it in the RLC Directory.

            If you would like to have your VoR mailed to you first class, please contribute $10 to “VoR” at RLC.

Newsletter Deadline and Restrictions
Submissions to the Voice of Redeemer newsletter must be received by the 15th of each month, preferrably by email. 
Every attempt will be made to ensure privacy for the online version of the newsletter.  When associated with other information, such as birthdays, last names of members will be indicated by only an initial and all personal contact information will be deleted.