Redeemer Lutheran Church ELCA
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RLC Community Garden

6151 Smith Road

Brook Park  OH  44142



1. Supply food to gardeners,  Redeemer Lutheran Church (RLC) Food Pantry and Brook Park R.E.A.C.H.

2. Model healthy living practices:  healthy foods, exercise, social interaction.

3. Model good stewardship practices: productive land use and storm water management.


The following guidelines have been established by the members of this garden.

Please read the guidelines and direct any questions or comments to the garden leaders.

1.      All gardeners are required to complete an application form for an approximately15’x20’ plot. A plot fee of $15.00 is due with the application.

2.      While gardeners will have complete use of their own harvest, they will be encouraged to share a portion of their harvest with our area food banks. 

3.      All gardeners are required to participate in at least one garden job as listed on the application. Please contact the garden leaders for more information.

4.      Garden meetings and work parties are scheduled throughout the season. Please plan to attend to get to know your fellow gardeners and assist with garden upkeep and special projects.

5.      Keep your plot and the adjoining pathways tended. If your plot appears to be untended for a period of two weeks and you haven't contacted the garden monitor, you will be contacted and your plot may be assigned to another gardener. Call your garden monitor if you need help or if you will be out of town for an extended period of time. If you plan to discontinue use of your space, please let the monitor or registrar know as soon as possible so that your plot can be assigned to another gardener.

6.      Plant tall plants and vines in places where they will not interfere with your neighbor's plot. Dangerous or illegal plants are prohibited.

7.      No fertilizer may be used that in any way detrimentally affects adjacent gardens.  No herbicides may be used.

8.      Pick up litter when you see it.

9.      Please put weeds and dead plants into the compost bin provided. Do not leave them in the pathway. Any diseased plants or seedy or invasive weeds are to be bagged and put in the trash so as not to contaminate the gardens. Old woody plants are to be placed in the brush pile.

10.  Gardeners are not permitted to enter another gardener’s plot without their approval.

11.  Conserve water.  Do not leave the water on unattended. Turn off the water supply when it is not in use.  When finished gardening for the day, please roll up the hose.

12.  Pets, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), radios, boom boxes and fires are not allowed on the premises.

13.  Please supervise children in the garden.

14.  For your safety, and out of consideration for neighbors, only garden during daylight hours.

15.  Report theft, vandalism and unusual activities to the garden leaders and police.

16.  At the end of the gardening season, all dead plants and non-plant materials (string, wire, wood, metal, plastic, etc.) must be removed and disposed of properly and all gardens left neat and tidy. If your garden is not cleaned-up by 10/31/10, you could lose your gardening privileges for the next season.

17.  Violation of gardener guidelines: If any of the guidelines are violated you will be contacted by phone or e-mail and have one week to address the violation. After one week, if the violation has not been remedied, you may lose your gardening privileges.

18.  Use common courtesy, be considerate of your gardening neighbors and ENJOY your garden experience.